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Dawid Żynda (Poland)

Dawid Żynda born in 1988 in Czestochowa, Poland. He is an interdisciplinary artist, product designer, graphic designer.

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw. In 2013 he get the MA in ceramic design. 2013-2016 he worked as an assistant at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw. He participated in many international competitions and exhibitions in Austria, Latvia, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Poland.


In my creativity I am guided by a simple act of vision. The way I see the reality that surrounds me goes through a mechanically repeated structure on the opposite of the artwork. Limitations of the technique cause the movement over time. Only combination of images into the one gives the final work.

Inspiration for me is the reality of the plaster mold. I choose the forgotten and incomplete ones. The first image is dust, the last is a story closed in porcelain.

Inita Reimandova (Latvia)

Inita Reimandova has studied at the Faculty of Ceramics in Latvian Academy of Arts and in 1998 at the Academy Inita graduated Peteris Martinsons ceramics. Her Diploma work was a monumental chamot group “Theatre classics” which later by the initiative of the Latvian association of actors was turned into a prize to be awarded by the association annually since 1998. Since 1997 Inita is a member of Latvian Artists Union and in 2015 was elected as a Board member.

In the period from 1998 till 2002 Inita was part of the Kipsala ceramics – workshop of professional Latvian ceramists. In 2003 Inita participated in International workshop in ceramic art in Tokoname, Japan, which Inita remembers as one of the most beautiful times of her professional life. In 2013 Inita represented Latvia at the Symposium with Masters Peteris Martinsons and Ilona Romule – Feminine and Masculine Ceramics, which was held in Zvartava, Latvia. Inita has also participated in numerous exhibitions.

Andreas Vormayr (Austria)


2018 - „Project Network“ Guldagergaard, Denmark

2016 - „Kohila Symposium“ international woodfiring symposium in Estonia

2015 - „Gmundener Ceramics symposium“ in Gmunden, Austria

2010 - „Stift Rein“ Styria, Austria



2015 - state grant for art photography, Chicago, USA



2015 - „Ceramic prize of Land Salzburg“ acknowledgement prize, Austria

2013 - „Inklusion“ winner of photography contest for Inklusion, Austria

2010 - „CanonProfifotoFoerderpreises“ 10/02  winner, Europe"


I try to constantly to enlarge my boarders and question every rule I make myself. This counts for my live and specially for my work and techniques.

Zsófia Karsai (Hungary)


Knowing, seeing and feeling everything that is going on around me in the world, I chose the artistic path of not reflecting, criticising and assessing any of that but rather enabling the viewer and myself to rest a little in this madness. I offer my objects as passageways towards introspection.

Toru Kurokawa (Japan)

I'm making abstract sculpture in Kyoto, Japan. My works are based on ancient pottery making and Asian philosophy. In recent years, I’m making works in architectural spaces such as hotels and restaurants. Also, I have participated in residences and symposiums in 8 countries.

Toru Kurokawa creates sculptures with emptiness. The image is like deep forest. While looking for spirit forms from ancient times, asking the relationship between man and nature. And I'm happy if I can stimulate people's imagination.

Alena Muhina (Russia)

Moscow based ceramic artist working with different kind of clays using almost no glazes. She creates nature inspired abstractions of real-life objects.

Mudita Bhandari (India)


She has been invited to national and international art residencies including Conceptual Art Residency ‘ShopArtArtShop2’ curated by Frank Schichtmann, ‘From the Ground Up’ at Zorba the Budhha, curated by Vineet Kacker, Ceramic Art Residency Program FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums (FLICAM) China.

Her work has been exhibited widely nationally and internationally.

Inspired by the use of clay in folk tradition of India, I have been working extensively in terracotta, exploring different clays, building and firing techniques. My main preoccupation is the form and the essence of space created by these forms in context to the concept and expression. My work is heavily informed by the interrelation between man and space where sometimes we associate with the limitless space within us and sometimes respond to the urban multilayered physical space around.

Eglė Einikytė-Narkevičienė (Lithuania)


1992-1998 Vilnius Academy of Arts, Department of Ceramics, Master of Fine Arts Degree.
1999 -­ present Member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association.
2016 - 4th Vilnius Ceramic Art Biennial Jury member, Arka Gallery, Vilnius.
2018 Finalist prize, 38 Concurs Internacional de Ceramica CICA2018. Museu de ceramica de l’Alcora, Spain.
2018 Finalist prize, International NVK Ceramics Triennial 2018, CODA museum, Apeldoorn, Netherland.
2016 Silver prize, 4-th Vilnius ceramic biennale, Vilnius, Lithuania.


My creative work is dominated by figurative and stylized ceramics. I sometimes choose realistic forms, borrowed from nature. However, I generalize, deform, fragment and transfer them into unexpected contexts it creates animals and anthropomorphic motives which I accomplish in various techniques: ferment, raku and anagama.
 I often use distinct ceramic materials to enrich the expression: stoneware and porcelain, which I combine with subsidiary materials: metal, wood and photography.

Zinaida Blyzniuk (Ukraine)

In 2014 I completed the full course of Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University, Poltava, Ukraine, qualification:  Applied and Decorative Art,  Artist. Since 2014 I work as an artist at the National Museum of  Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne.

The main direction of my work is garden-park and monumental ceramics. In particular, the study of forms and experiments on the combination of metal and ceramics. Recently, I was fascinated by the creation of garden-park and monumental sculptures for children. On the basis of the National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne, I am working on the creation of ceramic sculptures of fantastic creatures and plants that will decorate the museum's park.

Nizam Orcun Onal (Turkey)

Nizam Orcun ONAL was born in Ankara in 1979. He graduated from bachelor in ceramic of Anadolu University in 2002 and graduated from postgraduate education in ceramic department of Hacettepe University in 2007. He graduated from his PhD at ceramic department in fine arts institute of Anadolu University in 2015. He is currently working as an assistant professor in Ceramic and Glass Design department of fine arts faculty of Erciyes University.

Some of my works are inspired by natural life and personal observations about environment. Some of them are about political situations.My excitements, curiosity and fears about environment comes out to co-created new shapes with ceramic clay..As a ceramic artist, I clearly present my works with my observations according to my lifesyle.All of my works indicates of my point of view about facts of life by mixed of dramaticly and humoristic.

Ilona Abdulajeva (Latvia)

Ilona Abdulajeva was born in 1972. She is currently a member of several arts and crafts associations, participating in exhibitions, summits and symposiums, organising masterclasses and sharing experience with children and young people as an arts teacher at the School of Children's Arts.

In everyday life, the artist works mainly in ceramics and textiles. In this symposium, Ilona created a composition of organic forms that, with its shapes, resembles some elements of the flora or fauna of the subterranean depths. Moreover, the expressive surface of the objects resulting from the experiments reinforces their sartorial relationship with nature.

Lilija Zeiļa (Latvia)

Lilija Zeiļa was born in 1958, in Daugavpils. She has been interested in ceramics since school-days. After studies in the Rēzekne Secondary School of Applied Arts (1975–1979) she returned to her hometown and in the early 1980’s became an active element of the creative ceramists’ society in Daugavpils. L. Zeiļa has contributed to exhibitions and presented several personal shows in Latvia and abroad since 1981.

She has been working with black ceramics for years mastering peculiar artistic design. The most common and sometimes even simplified shapes of pottery are personalised by a unique painting, using colours in angoba and glaze.

“Ceramics for me is shaping and feeling clay. It is a lifestyle taking over every aspect of my life,” says Lilija. 

Una Gura (Latvia)

The friendship between Una Gura and ceramics dates back to Una’s childhood and the very first lessons of the art of ceramics. It shaped her as a ceramist and graduation of the Rēzekne Secondary School of Applied Arts in 1992 and the Art Academy of Latvia (Latgale branch) in 1998 was self-evident. In 2008, she was awarded the Master of Arts at the Daugavpils University and carried away by painting, yet ceramics lured her back shortly. Una has participated in workshops and contributed to exhibitions and various art projects in Latvia and abroad since 1998. “Nature is my inspiration with its endless manifestations, shapes and textures. I am still struggling between painting and ceramics and my ultimate goal is to combine both in some form of pictorial ceramics,” reveals Una. 

Sanri (Latvia)

Sanri was born in Ogre 1981. Having obtained a master's degree in painting at the Latvian Academy of Arts, having finished the Arts and Design Division of Daugavpils University, specialisation in photographic art. Sanri is experimenting in a variety of art media – painting, photography, ceramics, video art. Exhibitions have been taking place since 2004. 

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